Caroline, Johan, Lukas & Love Mähler

Our wedding day 14/7 2007

Lukas born 26/10 2009

Love born 30/12 2010

Contact Caroline

Caroline: My mum had dog´s when I grove up. I´m born 1982 and the first kelpie we got 1985, so I´ve lived with kelpies since then.
I have allways loved horses and I got my icelandic pony Kaisa when I were 13 years old.
Now we have two horses Kalle a shetlandpony and Mira an arabian horse.

Varga is my very first own dog. I also got a little brother to her,
Yx, but I had to let him go to heaven only 3 years old. That hurt me really much.
Gimli was the third dog of mine, I wanted a smaller dog to also run agility with, and fell in love with the mittelspitz.
When I had said goodbye to Yx, Varga had puppies at home, one them were Hyper. And I decided to keep him.
Johan started to compete with Gimli, I didn´t have a small dog to run with, so when My mums mittelspitz Phoebe had a black and tan malepup
I had to keep him, my little Crut.
Sadly we lost Hyper summer 2011. January 2012 Lilja came in to our lives, she is greatgrand daughter to Varga.

I work as a nurse, and only night shifts, so I have time to train and play with the dogs and horses.

Johan: Didnt know that much about training and compeeting with dogs until I met my beautiful wife. But she taught me and now I´m hooked!
Soon after we met I got Dexter, my kelpie, from Carolines mum. Dexter was 1 year old then.
Dexter moved back to his breeder after he had been living with us for 3 years.
And Cruts son Monster moved in with us in august 2009.
I have also taken over (stolen) Gimli from Caroline. And I compete and train them both.

Lukas: Our son Kjell George Lukas Mähler. Born 26 october 2009.

Love: Our second son Love Mähler. Born 30 december 2010.